GUEST POST: Playing the crypto-currency game like Warren Buffet

By Alex Mirzaian, Crypto-Currency Researcher. Being able to weather many markets is not easy. When it’s going up it seems like a breeze on a nice sunny day. When it’s a bear market, you start to freak out and get emotional. Since the early 1900s, the stock market has done the same thing that many… Continue Reading

GUEST POST: Forex vs bitcoin: return on investment comparison?

By David Webb, Business Consultant, Sydney, and Contributor to Over the past few years, investing in forex and crypto-currencies has become a lucrative opportunity for people with a limited budget. Unlike some traditional trading methods, these practices allow you to invest a small amount of money and yet generate an outstanding return on investment… Continue Reading

GUEST POST: When all else fails, raise hemlines

By Capitalist Exploits. Saudi Arabia. The arrival of cinema (after a 35-year ban), comedy shows, women driving. What the hell is happening? At this rate, within a few months Saudi women will be tottering around in lululemon and enraging the clerics via Instagram in their yoga pants. I could think of worse things. Continue Reading

Bitcoin vs forex trading: understanding the difference

By David Webb, business consultant, Sydney, and contributor to BizzmarkBlog. Since 2008, people have kept a close eye on all cryptocurrencies, bitcoin in particular. Being the flagship of all cryptocurrencies, bitcoin has come a long way since those early days, yet it still hasn’t established itself as other trading methods have. It’s still extremely unstable,… Continue Reading

More Countries Are Restricting Access To Blockchain Content

Blockchain has become a global phenomenon and more people are using the tool than ever. Blockchain technology is essentially a digital ledger which cryptocurrencies use to manage transactions. Blockchain technology encrypts the information inside the transaction and allows users to make these types of financial transactions without a bank or traditional financial institution. The Blockchain… Continue Reading

How healthy are your investments?

When is the last time you assessed the financial health of your investments? You should, typically, assess your investments annually. All investments, even the medium to long-term investments, will benefit from annual assessments. They allow one to get a better picture of the investment performance and let you review your choices. Be careful though, frequent… Continue Reading

GUEST POST: How to determine whether Gazprom is a good or bad investment

By Nick Hubble, Editor at Southbank Investment Research, a publishing company in London specialising in investment, market trends and technology.* Gazprom is listed on various stockmarkets and trades at an extraordinary discount to its value. The reason is simple: the unpredictable conflicts between Russia and its geopolitical adversaries. Continue Reading

Asia Frontier Capital (AFC) – October 2017 Newsletter

AFC Funds Performance Summary Major equity markets rallied this past month and frontier markets generally fared well as the MSCI Frontier Markets Net Total Return USD Index gained +1.2% this month and is now up +26.4% YTD, while the MSCI Frontier Markets Asia Net Total Return USD added +5.2% this month and is up +20.4%… Continue Reading