CAREER: Why the Top 1/3 of Your Resume Matters Most

It’s not true that recruiters only spend 10 seconds on your resume. They actually spend 10 seconds glancing at the top 1/3 before deciding whether to even read the rest.
Don’t let your resume hit the rejection pile prematurely. Find out how your resume rates with our Resume Self-Assessment, and learn more in our exclusive webinar, “Why the Top 1/3 of your Resume Matters Most.”

In this webinar, Ivy Exec’s Career Coach will cover:
-How to craft a compelling summary without clichés.
-How to display your most relevant achievements and skills in your most recent position.
-How to avoid common pitfalls.

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-52,000+ prescreened positions and exclusive executive search assignments to save you the drudgery of wading through unsuitable positions.

About Ivy Exec
Founded by Columbia MBA’s to address the unique career needs of high achieving professionals, Ivy Exec provides unparalleled career resources to help you advance your career to new heights – from mentorship with industry veterans, to personalized search consultations, curated jobs, and relevant and insightful career-related content. Please note that membership is subject to approval. Our core products are highly tailored and designed for a specific segment of the market.

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