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Digital banking forum likely to help Africa-eyeing investors

Changes brought about by digitisation have ushered in a new era of competition in banking, and attending the Digital Banking Summit (DBS) in Accra on August 19-20 may help banks and fintechs to stay competitive in doing business in Africa, a continent that is an increasingly popular destination for investors. You would be told about… Continue Reading

UPDATE – Wimbledon debenture tickets good investment vehicles – Sun Global CEO

By Andrei Skvarsky. Wimbledon debentures, expensive elite season passes for the world’s main tennis tournament, have become a lucrative form of investment due to their eligibility for resale with returns that may exceed 100 per cent, according to the CEO of London’s Sun Global Investments asset manager. Debentures, which are resaleable for specific days or… Continue Reading

GUEST POST: Emerging markets in South Africa

By staff at IQ Option Magazine. The  South  African  market  is  one  of  the  major  emerging  markets  in  the  African  region  with  only  two  more  participants – Morocco  and  Egypt.  Drained  by  the  apartheid  policies  in  the  mid-20th  century, the government  managed  to  restore  trade  relations  under  the  presidency  of  Nelson  Mandela.  However, this  was  not … Continue Reading

GUEST POST: Best ETFs for emerging markets

By staff at Forex Trading in South Africa. Being a marketable security, an Exchange-Traded Fund or ETF tracks a  commodity, a stock index, bonds as well as assets. The price of an ETF’s  shares  is  more  likely  to  change  as  they  are  bought  or  sold  throughout  the  day.  The  ETFs  have  underlying  assets  like  oil … Continue Reading