EBRD loans to HEINEKEN brewery in Belarus


European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is providing EUR 5 million in funding for the Belarus operations of the HEINEKEN group – one of the Europe’s largest beer producer. The loan will be used mainly to support the company’s efforts to promote the production of high-quality barley by local farmers and make a more efficient use of water and energy in its breweries.

The funding will consist of a seven-year loan of EUR 4 million, as well as a revolving loan of EUR 1 million, available for three years.

The bulk of the EBRD funding will be used to finance the capital expenditure programme of HEINEKEN’s brewery in the town of Bobruisk, 140 km southeast of the capital, Minsk.

The borrower is Belarus’s FCJSC Heineken Breweries, which is wholly owned by HEINEKEN N.V.

Established in 2007, HEINEKEN in Belarus is one of the leading beer producers in the country and one of the first privatized breweries in Belarus. Its products include local beer brands Bobrov and Rechitskoe and licensed beer under the brands Zlaty Bazant, Doctor Diesel, Gosser and PIT as well as popular malt-based soft drink kvass under own local brand Hatni.

Although HEINEKEN became the single largest beer producer in Belarus in 2011, the sector is still dominated by state-owned breweries.

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