GUEST ARTICLE: How to find a reliable real estate agency in Dubai

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Dubai’s lucrative real estate market is a haven for thousands of real estate agents who are aiming to help customers make a worthwhile investment, while saving a “slice of the cake” for themselves.While Dubai has hundreds of real estate agents who are highly skilled, knowledgeable, and honest, some black sheep are always around and it is important that you follow certain rules to choose a reliable realtor while going about your real estate requirements.

The tips listed below will help you choose a reliable agent from the host of options available.

Check the Agent’s/Agency’s Credentials

Agencies must be authorized by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) in order to provide services to clients. Make sure the real estate agent you are choosing is working for an authorized real estate agency and ensure you check the agent’s business card. There may be plenty of people who just pop up and call themselves real estate agents but are not authorized to provide this service by the specified authorities. It is very important to ensure you work with a legitimate real estate agent who is recognised by the required authorities.

Surf Online

Technology makes your life very easy when it comes to getting information which may have been difficult to get otherwise. So, use it! Surf the agency’s profile and get details regarding the types of deals they have made, the services they specialise in, and what their staff is like. Do a background check and also look at any testimonials/reviews available online, on their social media pages, or on other websites. Additionally, platforms such as can provide a database consisting of agencies operating in the UAE and may be able to provide you with the information you require. Awards like’s “Agency of the Month” give a heads up on the agent’s rapport in the market.

Converse with Home Owners and Property Owners

You may not like listening to other people when it comes to seeking advice on your life, but seeking advice when choosing a real estate agency/agent may be highly worthwhile. Converse with people who have previously used real estate agencies and worked with various agents and ask them to make recommendations. You do not have to simply take their word for it but it will give you a shortened list of options to explore which may substantially help you make your final choice.

Meet and Interview the Real Estate Agent and Visit the Real Estate Agency

Meeting someone face to face can do wonders when it comes to making a decision. Visit the real estate agency that the agent represents and observe the way things are handled. This can tell you a great deal regarding the level of professionalism maintained in the agency. Additionally, converse with the agent and take note of the knowledge they have and whether they are able to provide you with ample and convincing information. Observe their manner and demeanor and how confident they seem. Make sure you ask plenty of questions and are fully satisfied with the answers you receive.

Once you keep a note of all of these things, there is no need to over-think the choice. Choose the real estate agent/agency you deem best and get the show on the road. Dubai’s property is hot and the best deals are moving off the shelves fast! Don’t miss out!

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