Investors may find good opportunities in Commonwealth countries post-Brexit – adviser

By Andrei Skvarsky.

A British investment adviser argues that Brexit could involve good investment opportunities in Commonwealth countries because “it’s a certainty” that Britain will seek more extensive trade with Commonwealth nations when it leaves the European Union.

“Assuming Brexit actually happens you might want to consider investing in the Commonwealth countries,” Richard Knight, who has spent eight years as an investment consultant with global financial advisory deVere and today runs Moscow-based firm Key Investments, says in one of his regular newsletters.

“It’s a certainty the UK will look towards the 51 countries for trade deals,” he says.

Knight suggests ten funds for investors to look at.

Seven of them are Indian – one run by HSBC, one by JP Morgan, three by Britain’s Jupiter Fund Management, and two by India’s Kotak group. Knight warns, however, that India is “quite lively and volatile” and says Canada, Australia and New Zealand, for instance, are far more stable.

The other three funds are JP Morgan Korea and funds owned by Britain’s Polar Capital Technology Trust and US company Aberdeen Latin America.

Knight’s long career has included a Saudi Arabia-based consultancy job with Middle East Development Company (MEDCO), which is a Saudi dealer in premium industrial and construction equipment, and a consultancy position at financial advisory Pembridge Associates.

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