Putin: German businesses have ‘wise’ strategy for Russia

By Andrei Skvarsky.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has credited German companies with a “balanced and wise” attitude to doing business in Russia and with investing in key Russian industries.

“I would like to point out a balanced and wise, I would say, attitude on the part of the German business community to the development of relations with Russia. The German business community doesn’t go from one extreme to the other because of changes in the political situation but tries to act very pragmatically in its own interests and in the interests of its partners,” Putin said at an annual investment forum in Moscow organised by VTB Capital, the investment arm of VTB, Russia’s second-biggest bank.

Nor are German businesses after “easy money” when they pull into Russia, he said.

“As we know, German businesses don’t just come into sectors in Russia that bring easy money – they come into the engineering industry, into electricity generation … into agriculture, into the pharmaceutical industry, into key sectors that we pay special attention to and will continue to do so in the future,” Putin said.

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