Russians in the City London Club opens its branch in Moscow

Russians in the City Club in London is A Russian-speaking professional community that unites more than 2000 members who are working in the financial and legal services industries. Now the Club has opened its branch in Moscow.

In London the Club bands Russian-speaking professionals in finance industry: lawyers, bankers, sales and IT specialists. Every week the club informs its members about new vacancies, upcoming Russian cultural events in London and organises face-to-face meetings 3-4 times a year.



Ksenia Bobkova and Julia Zagonek who were both born in Leningrad and in 2002 happened to work in the City, established the club in February of the same year. From the very beginning strict and clear rules for membership were created. The members of the Club should be Russian-speaking professionals working in finance and related industries, live in London and be recommended by existing members. The key idea of the Club was to provide focused networking for professionals from the same industry sector and increase awareness of CIS related business activities.

At the beginning the members met in pubs but now there are no pubs which are able to accommodate 300 guests and meetings have moved to the offices of corporate members: its roofs and terraces.

“We have found out that many members of the Club in London have started to reallocate to Moscow due to different reasons: some were attracted by higher salaries, others by career opportunities”, – says Ksenia Bobkova, co-founder of the investment company Fusion Asset Management and the Russians in the City Club. She belongs to the second wave of Russian professionals in the City who originate from more than 15 years ago.

“We call these people repats (opposite to expats), – says Julia Zagonek, the partner at White and Case and the second co-founder of the Russians in the City Club, who lived in London for 23 years. – When I arrived in Moscow I discovered that many of our members whom we had believed as lost from the community were not lost: they had come back to Moscow and now work here”.

Julia will develop a Moscow branch of the Russians in the City Club. To become a member it is not necessaryto come back from London. The Club will unite other Russian experts who lived, worked or studied in New York, Geneva, Brussels, Singapore and other financial centres and havenow come back to live and work in Moscow.

The aim of the new Moscow branch is the same as the Club in London which is to create a professional network and provide opportunity for informal communication to its members. In the near future the first meeting is planned and now Julia is investigating the market and creates a clear picture of potential members of the Club.

Besides that, Russians in the City continues its geographical growth and the Club already hasa branch in Monaco.



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