Russia's Renaissance Capital opens annual investor conference

Renaissance Capital on June 24 opened its two-day 17th Annual Investor Conference in Moscow, an event expected to bring together more than 700 guests, including major global investors, senior managers from some of Russia’s largest companies and key political figures.

Exclusive one-to-one meetings, of which more than 1,500 are expected to take place, will make up most of the forum, the Moscow-headquartered investment bank said in a statement.

“There can be no doubt Russia remains one of the most promising points on the global investment map,” said RenCap co-chief executive Igor Vayn.

“Despite today’s economic challenges, exceptionally low sovereign debt, ample well-qualified manpower, quite a few industries at their inception stage, and extremely low market valuations of many corporates make Russia highly appealing for investment, both medium and long-term,” he said.

“Structural problems in the world’s developed economies piled up for years; so far a solution has not been found and it is not at all evident it will ever be,” said RenCap chairman and co-chief executive John Hyman.

“That means right now we can’t be talking about these markets returning to sustainable development. However, the financial and economic situation in the emerging markets remains stable and relatively predictable. We believe, as early as in the current decade, these countries are likely to become major growth locomotives for the global economy, leaders of the new economic reality,” he said.

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