RVC hosts RVC Smart Future: InvestDay

   The Russian Venture Company (RVC) will host from October 31 to November 3, 2012 the RVC SmartFuture: InvestDay conference. It will be held within the framework of the Moscow International Forum of innovative development (MIFID) “Open Innovation”.

    RVC SmartFuture: InvestDay is a series of events for current and potential investors in technology startups. The list includes more than 10 events in the format of conferences and round tables held within the MIFID. The main activities will be held on the first scheduled day of the event, October 31, in all the RVC halls.

   Visitors are expected to pay particular interest to a special LP Unlimited discussion session aimed at large institutional investors (LP) and powerful sector corporations (GP), which will cover topics of investment in new and so far insufficiently explored Russian high tech market. Invited experts will discuss with guests of the conference “rules of the game” in the market of venture capital investments, will share their experience of successful investments in technology projects and talk about the mechanisms of participation in venture capital funds.

   Leading Russian and international experts in the venture capital market have been invited to participate in the events of the forum as speakers. Speakers include LP Unlimited such “stars” of the global venture capital industry, as Larry Aschebrook ( Gentry Financial Corporation) , Georges Noel ( Compagnie Financière Noël & Cie),  John Denniston ( KPCB),  Christina Burow ( Arch Ventures) and others.

   Representatives of major Russian industrial holding companies and firms involved in research and innovation, as well as managers of Russian investment corporations and venture capital funds that invest in high-tech projects have been invited as  RVC SmartFuture: InvestDay guests.

   More information about the speakers of the SmartFuture: InvestDay and topics of their reports can be found following the link at the RVC web site: http://www.rusventure.ru/ru/openinn/calendar/?SECTION_ID=126

   The “Open Innovation” forum is a global discussion panel that will bring together representatives of businesses, government bodies, education and science from around the world to analyze the main global trends in the field of innovation and exchange of expertise. RVC, along with other organizers of the Forum, is involved in the formation of the Forum program aimed at:

• creating new instruments of international cooperation in the field of innovation and forming a club of innovation leader countries;

• involving state and government bodies, international companies, the scientific community, as well as developers of innovative technologies in the dialogue on strategic partnership;

• exchanging of practical experience in the field of technology, financing mechanisms, management practices and methods of forecasting innovation development;

• Technology foresight (sound long-term forecast, a “look to the future”) and facilitating the commercialization of existing technologies.

  RVC has launched on its website a special MIFID section, containing general information about the “Open Innovation” forum and RVC SmartFuture, a timetable and a detailed description of the activities included in the topical tracks, as well as RVC SmartFuture news. Section The MIFID section is available here: www.rusventure.ru/ru/openinn/about/.


    RVC joint stock company is the “fund of funds” of the Russian state, a development institution of the Russian Federation and one of key tools in building its national innovation system. Its authorized capital exceeds 30 billion roubles (about US$ 1 billion). The Russian Federation represented by its Federal Agency for State Property Management (Rosimushchestvo) holds 100 percent of RVC. RVC has formed 12 funds for a total of 26.1 billion roubles. The RVC share is more than 16 billion rubles. The RVC funds have invested 10.4 billion roubles in 124 companies involved in innovation.

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