Sberbank hires ex-Alfa-Bank investment chief to run international business

By Andrei Skvarsky.

Sberbank has hired a former chief of the investment arm of Russia’s Alfa-Bank, Igor Kolomeysky, to head Sberbank International, the unit that oversees the largest Russian lender’s business in 16 countries, employs more than 27,000 people and has about 15m clients.

Before joining Alfa-Bank, Kolomeysky worked at Russian banks Otkritie and Nikoil (the latter, which consulted and invested in Lukoil, one of Russia’s largest oil companies, was reorganised and renamed Uralsib in 2005), and headed the investment service of Russian Railways, according to a Sberbank statement.

Sberbank International’s business covers 15 per cent of the Sberbank group’s assets.

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