Optogard Nanotech, a resident at Skolkovo, has signed a deal with Chinese pipe manufacturing firmShandong Industry. Optogard will supply the Chinese company with laser-plasma facilities, which will form the basis of their pipe production. The contract is worth $41 million in total.

According to the company’s press release, Optogard’s laser-plasma technology can increase the lifespan of metal piping fivefold, and is seven times cheaper than the alternative.

Pavel Smirnov, General Director at Optogard Nanotech:

“Our project involves using laser-plasma technology to provide super hard casings and surface modifications. This technology greatly lowers manufacturing costs, and significantly increases the product’s lifespan, durability and shock resistance, both for new and refurbished components. The foundations for the deal were laid down when the Skolkovo fund President Viktor Vekselberg visited China in 2013.”

Optogard Nanotech began at the Siberia Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences, with the aim of producing and distributing laser-plasma technologies. The technology helps increase materials’ durability and protect them from chemical damage and corrosion.

The Optograd team are currently planning to introduce their technology to Russia’s railways in cooperation with Russian Railways.

According to the company, a number of other companies are showing interest in their services, including Shell, Transmashholding, Transneft and Medtekhnika.

According to recent research, the total value of the laser technology market is likely to grow to $17 billion by 2020, with an average of 7.58% growth predicted year on year until then.


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