Subject: Webinar – "The Power of the Leadership Credo"


Our Career Partner, Ivy Exec, would like to share a webinar on the topic “The Power of the Leadership Credo.” During this webinar, you will explore what a leadership credo is, and how it brings value to your career and organization — specifically: – How developing a credo can help leaders communicate to achieve strategic goals. – How understanding your own credo ensures that messages are authentic and natural because they are grounded in your beliefs. – How the credo can help persuade others to follow you because of the beliefs you convey. – The power of storytelling in communication and the role a credo plays in delivering those messages.

Our presenter, Bruce Craven, is a Program Director of The Columbia Senior Executive Program (CSEP.) Bruce partners with the Faculty Director and the on-site and off-site Columbia teams and works with visiting faculty and conference center staff to deliver a transformational educational opportunity for the executive participants. He also has responsibility in the leadership of the pre- and post-program effort of the CSEP executive education team, including serving as a coach to CSEP graduates. In 2012, he launched the Columbia M.B.A. course “Leadership through Fiction”.

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