SunGard declared one of world’s top risk technology vendors


SunGard is ranked third on a 2012 list of 100 top global risk technology providers compiled by Chartis Research, a risk technology market analysis company.

While ranking third overall in Chartis’s RiskTech100 annual report, SunGard is declared by the London- and New York-based firm’s paper to have been last year’s number-one in terms of capital market presence and trading and in providing liquidity risk and anti-money laundering horizontal solutions, SunGard said in a statement.

Horizontal software is technology that can be used in any industry as distinct from vertical software, which is designed for a specific sector.

SunGard, which has its headquarters in Wayne, Pennsylvania, and Goldman Sachs and Blackstone among its owners, has been ranked among the top five companies in all seven RiskTech100 reports released by Chartis so far.

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