Tajikistan central bank debuts in Moscow Exchange forex market

By Andrei Skvarsky.

Tajikistan’s central bank has begun to trade in Moscow Exchange’s forex market, clinching its first deal on January 20.


The National Bank is not Tajikistan’s first bank to gain access to Moscow Exchange’s forex trade. Early last month the Eskhata commercial lender was let into the market.

The National Bank of Tajikistan, one of the poorest countries in the CIS, is the first non-Russian central bank in the six-nation Eurasian Economic Community (EurAsEC) to have gained access to Moscow Exchange’s forex market, the bourse said.

Besides Tajikistan, EurAsEC’s members are Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Uzbekistan.

EurAsEC banks are allowed to carry out deals in all currencies traded on Moscow Exchange, buying and selling Russian rubles for US dollars, euros, Chinese yuan, Kazakh tenge, Belarussian rubles and Ukrainian hryvni, and swapping dollars for euros and vice versa.

The Tajik National Bank’s first transaction was a dollar-ruble deal.

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