The Trump Effect: What New Opportunities It Can Open For Business

Donald Trump is now the President of the United States. It is time for him to put turn his campaign promises into reality, and while that comes with several implications, some of the most positive implications are reserved for business. While there have been concerns surrounding a potential conflict of interest, the market seems to have spoken, the Dow Jones broke 20,000, and Donald Trump seems to be making the right moves for business. So, what opportunities is President trump really opening for business? Today, we’ll talk about Trump’s campaign and what it meant for business, plays that have already been made as a result, and how this opens the door for businesses both in the United States and abroad. 

Trump’s Campaign Was Fueled By Growing American Business

One of the biggest and hard hitting statements President Trump made in his inauguration speech was the following

“We will follow two simple rules: Buy American and hire American”

That seems like a blanketed statement that could have been used by anyone. However, since President Trump said it, there’s quite a bit of meaning to it. Think about it, throughout his campaign, Trump promised that he is going to work to bring investments back into America, build our manufacturing sector, help to foster growth in our energy sector, and work to create jobs.

Now, think about it… How will President Trump do this? While everyone seems to be focusing on how he may “punish” those that send money outside of the United States, few seem to be focusing on the rewards that are offered on the other side; to those that invest in American business, American products, and American jobs. At the end of the day, Donald Trump wants to give “made in America” a competitive advantage in the marketplace. That opens the doors for both businesses in the United States that want to grow, and international businesses that are ready to invest in what is hoped to be the booming United States economy.

Businesses Are Already Starting To Invest In America

At the end of the day, big businesses are already starting to see that there are going to be big advantages for products and services that are made and fulfilled in the United States. In fact, here’s a quick list of the businesses that have already made a shift in their procedures…

  • General Motors – General Motors recently announced a $1 billion investment in United States Factories with the goal of moving some production from Mexico to Michigan.
  • Hyundai – Hyundai recently announced that it has allocated more than $3 billion for the support of their factories in Georgia and Alabama.
  • Walmart – Walmart announced plans to create about 10,000 jobs in the United States this year alone.
  • Alibaba – In one of the largest pledges made thus far, Alibaba has made a commitment to adding one million new jobs.
  • SoftBank – Finally, SoftBank has pledged a massive $50 billion in an expansion deal that will generate about 50,000 new jobs in the United States.

The Door Is Open!

The bottom line is that Donald Trump has a clear plan, and that plan is to bring jobs back to the United States and make the “Made in America” sticker a sticker of pride. In doing so, President Trump will give a clear advantage to those that are willing to take advantage of it by investing in the United States. As his presidency continues to evolve, these advantages are likely to be massive, and massive companies seem to see that!

What Do You Think?

How do you think Donald Trump is going to change the shape of business investments in the United States? Join the discussion in the comments below!

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