Webinar – "Career Transition: The Difference Between the Burnout and the Need."

Dear Community,

Our Career Partner, Ivy Exec, would like to share a webinar on the topic “Career Transition – The Difference Between the Burnout and the Need.” In this webinar, you will:

· Determine how to distinguish a mid-career “itch” from just being overworked;

· Learn a process for turning your burnout into a re-energized career;

· Discover if you need a career transition;

· Obtain the tools you need to begin uncovering where your true professional fulfillment lies. 

The presenter, Kelly Studer, is a Career Stylist who coaches ambitious, career-minded professionals through the career transition process, as well as defines and develops their personal brands. Prior to starting her own business, Kelly held leadership positions for 7 years in recruiting departments at Google and Salesforce.com, recruited and consulted at Sapient and Accenture, and even gave film producing in Hollywood a try for several years.

Our partner, Ivy Exec, is the most exclusive online career network in the world, with over 200,000 members in 150 countries, and over 52,000 premium international job listings. If you are interested in receiving this valuable webinar from Ivy Exec, please follow the link below to register for a complimentary trial of Ivy Exec’s premium All-Access membership.

1. Go to http://affiliates.ivyexec.com/jrox.php?id=1275 

2. Use promotion code TR2010 

Ivy Exec looks forward to welcoming you into their exclusive community of outstanding professionals. The Team @ Ivy Exec can’t wait to share their unique career resource offering with you and help you advance your career — quickly. 

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