Webinar: The MUST AVOID Mistakes in Financial Services Resumes

Dear Community,

Fewer jobs in finance means the competition has never been as tough…don’t miss this free webinar on “The MUST AVOID Mistakes in
Financial Services Resumes”.


Our career resource partner, Ivy Exec, an exclusive career community for the business elites worldwide, is offering Emerging Markets Investment Professionals Network LinkedIn Group members access to this exclusive webinar hosted by finance expert Laura Hill, former VP at JP Morgan and now financial recruiting/executive coach for over 2 decades. This webinar will:

1. Provide in-depth analysis with examples from actual resumes
2. Offer advice on Best Practice for style, format and content
3. Highlight common pitfalls and how to avoid them

In addition, Ivy Exec is offering a month free trial of its All Access Membership, so you can get strategic advice from senior Ivy Exec Mentors in finance and more. We are proud to invite you to join this exclusive network:

1. Go to http://bit.ly/10gyBGD
2. Use promotion code TR2010

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